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There are a Number of Very Good Reasons Why Maple is the Favorite for Hardwood Courts

Maple hardwood is a popular option for gym and sports arena flooring. This type of flooring is so prominent that the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) compiles the standards for sports flooring installation and maintenance.

Hard maple is the best choice for gym floors for the following reasons:

  • A hardness rating of 1450
  • A high shock resistance
  • An attractive appearance
  • Widely available

Hardness Rating

Hardness is one of the factors that determine how suitable it is as gym flooring. The floors in a gym or sports arena are susceptible to wear and tear; as such, these facilities need flooring that is hard and durable.

Hard maple has a hardness rating of 1450, which is high in comparison to the hardness rating of wood types like oak, walnut, and pine. Because of the high hardness rating, hard maple flooring also has a long lifespan. Other wood types tend to deteriorate more rapidly than hard maples, especially in busy gyms.

Shock Resistance

Hard maple’s ability to absorb shocks is another reason why this flooring type is the best for gyms. The wood bounces back in response to weight, which alleviates pressure on joints. Shock resistance is referred to as anti-fatigue as an athlete’s muscles don’t have to work as hard to protect the joints.

The shock resistance of hard maple also provides better ball bounce, making it ideal for multi-purpose sports surfaces. Because hard maple can absorb shocks, it is less susceptible to damage from hard blows and weights.

Hard maple is one of the hardwood types that has the most stability, and it is less responsive to changes in the environment. As a result, this flooring type is less likely to crack from temperature fluctuations.


Hard maple has a light tone and a smooth grain texture that adds aesthetic appeal to any sports arena or gym. The wood surface is also suitable for painting things like court lines and logos. A hard maple surface maintains its appearance and is easy to clean.

The smooth texture makes it easy to remove marks from equipment and footwear, and the floor surface has a lower maintenance requirement than other hardwood floorings.

Readily Available

Maple trees are plentiful across the North American continent. As a result, hard maple is widely available from domestic sources. Because this wood type is easy to come by, hard maple flooring is affordable, despite being a high-value gym flooring type.

Finish and Subflooring

Subflooring is crucial to enhance the performance of hard maple flooring. Professional subfloor installation can also increase the floor’s durability. After installation, the hard maple floor should receive a sports floor finish to give it a shiny appearance and protect it from abrasion.

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