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Originally posted by Becker Arena June 17,2022:

Why is bleacher seating becoming an increasingly popular spectator seating solution for both indoor and outdoor arenas, stadiums and sports facilities?

Bleachers can be used for more than just spectator seating, though! These benches have all sorts of other useful applications in sports venues, making them ideal solutions for more than just fan seats.

This seating style is often extremely cost effective, customizable, and can hold tons of fans with ease.

Read on to learn more about athletic bleachers, what makes them so great, and the different products we offer here at Becker Arena Products.

What Are Bleachers?

Before we learn about just why bleachers are so great, let’s learn more about what exactly they are.

Bleachers are a style of sports arena seating, usually in the form of a cheaper, backless bench. These seats earned their name because they were typically made of wood and used outdoors where, over time, the boards people sat on would become bleached by the sun.

While the outdoor bleacher is where this seat type got its origin, today you can find bleachers both in indoor and outdoor arenas. Thanks to their affordability and versatility, you can find bleachers at just about any kind of sports venue, from football bleachers to baseball, to soccer, to hockey.

Some people confuse bleacher seating with grandstands, but these are actually two different seat styles. Bleachers usually come in the form of backless wood or aluminum benches and are usually used in outdoor venues or smaller sports fields.

In comparison, grandstands are more complex styles of seats. While they can be benches, grandstands usually feature individual seats or seats with backs. While bleachers are the cheap seats, grandstands are usually used for higher costing seats (for example, in a press box) or in fancier venues and will be covered.

Benefits of Bleachers

There are tons of reasons why people choose bleachers as their go-to stadium seating solution.


Perhaps the biggest benefit, the main reason why people love bleachers so much is because of how affordable they are. The simplicity of their design and installation makes them a great option for smaller venues and local sports centers that want to provide spectator seating without breaking the bank.


Bleacher seating can easily provide a great view for all your fans in the stands. Elevated bleachers will be installed in raised, tiered rows, ensuring great visibility for everyone in the stands no matter where they sit.


Bleacher style seats are also super accessible when compared to other seating solutions. As there are no fixed, individual seats, bleachers can easily accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. This increases the number of people who can fit on bleachers.

For example, if hosting school children, even smaller bleachers can accommodate a ton of fans sitting side by side at once, not limited by individual seat count. Or, if a fan is larger, they can still sit comfortably without worrying about the dimensions of an individual seat can accommodate them.


Bleachers can help make sports watching a lot more comfortable for those on the sidelines! People who play at local sports centers and fields know the struggle of having to bring your own seating to comfortably watch a game.

By installing bleachers, you’re providing a comfortable seating solution for anyone who wants to watch sports. Sitting back and comfortably watching the game is no longer something reserved for the big leagues.


Bleachers can also be a versatile seating solution for some venues. When installing grandstand style seating, they often have to be permanent grandstands and will be totally fixed in place.

In comparison, there are many different styles of bleachers that can be removable and stored away between uses. This means your venue can still provide spectator seating, and then the space can be easily transformed if you need to remove your bleachers. This is especially beneficial in multipurpose facilities that need to accommodate different kinds of sports or venue uses.

Where to Use Bleachers In Your Arena

Bleachers can be used for a wide range of seating needs beyond providing a spot for sports fans. These include:

Fan Seating

As we touched on above, the most useful way to utilize bleachers is using them for spectator seating. Bleachers can provide tons of space for arena visitors and fans to sit and watch a game.

Team Benches

Bleachers are also great if you want to provide seating for teams at your sports centre. Installing a few rows of benches on the sidelines of your field can be an easy way to ensure there is always team seating.

Locker Room

Bleachers can also be used as benches in locker rooms if you’re looking to provide backstage seating in your arena.

Our Bleacher Products

If you’re in the market for new venue seating, we have some amazing bleachers available at Becker Arena Products.

BAP Recycled Plastic Lumber Bleacher Seating

For those with an indoor arena, these bleachers make an easy, elegant spectator seating solution. These bleachers are designed to be installed on concrete risers inside of existing venues.

These bleachers are made with 100% recycled plastic lumber, and come in a wide range of sizes and colours. They can come with or without a backrest and can be custom manufactured to suit your venue needs. Click here to learn more and request a quote.

BAP Athletic Benches

BAP Benches

BAP Recycled Plastic Lumber Benches

Those in need of a less permanent solution can appreciate our bleacher benches, perfect for just about anywhere in your sports venue. These bleachers can be used as spectator seating around a rink or field, as benches in a lobby area, as seating for a locker room, sideline team bench seating, and much more.

These benches come in a wide range of colours and sizes and can be backless or come fitted with a back. These benches are built to last, and make a great seating solution for any sports centre. Click here to learn more, and request a quote today.

In Conclusion: Bleachers Mean Business

Bleacher seating is an amazing seating solution for all kinds of sports, providing more than just fan seating. Bleachers make for some comfortable, accessible seating in a venue. Their cost-effectiveness and versatility of use make them a worthwhile investment, which is why they remain so popular today.

Becker has what you need to keep the fans happy, and meet your budget requirements.

If you want to learn more about the bench and bleacher solutions we have at Becker Arena Products, click here! We’re happy to help you find the bleachers you’ve been searching for to elevate your venue.