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Do you have a game, and you are not sure about the weather? Soccer dasher boards might be the right fit for you.

Keeping the game going inside where the weather isn’t a factor, these units can be customized and built to fit any size facility. The boards form a wall around the rink, keeping the playing field enclosed.

Why Opt for Indoor Soccer Systems

This equipment will be a useful aspect of any indoor soccer facility, specially created for soccer fields. The boards serve a variety of purposes for everyone involved in the game.

For the players, the dashers have a built-in safety space with consistent playability in mind, so that the players are safe and free to move around the entire field.

For the maintenance staff, the boards are durable and often lessen the cost of daily operations with fewer soccer balls careening around your facility.

The spectators also benefit because they work hard to protect them from kicked balls without obstructing their view of the action. Furthermore, the system is made with user-friendly elements for the owners.

Indoor Soccer Dasher Board Systems

Various systems have different surfaces that are built to fit the size and needs of any facility. Each type uses high-quality materials that offer flexible usage and maintenance over a long period.

Indoor soccer dasher boards come in different shapes and sizes with a high-density sports panel. The surface is thermally fused to provide excellent playing conditions.

The dasher boards are supported by white powder coated posts made of 2- by 2-inch steel, ensuring maximum strength.

The posts are connected to the floor by way of sleeves, which can be included in asphalt or concrete when built, or drilled into any floor type if added after the facility is constructed.

The goal posts are made about 6.5 inches high and 12 inches wide with a depth of 3 inches. The goal sizes vary based on the kind of system selected. Various sizes are required for use in different leagues and games.

A dasher board configuration often has a 10-inch high wall that lies over the goal. The curves have an 8-inch wall while the straight ways have either 48 or 42 inches. Entry doors to the platform can be installed at any position facing the straight-way.

The doors are usually made of panels of a higher density that will ensure several years of usage. The handles are chrome with a freezer-like hatch mechanism that ensures their durability and ease of use.

Useful Add-ons to Indoor Soccer Dasher Boards

Besides soccer dasher boards, other indoor soccer systems include artificial turf which can be modified to look and play like natural grass. Turnkey artificial turf includes:

  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Compaction
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping

Protective netting also serves a useful purpose to safeguard the building as well as spectators. This kind of protection is a crucial aspect of an indoor soccer system.

Some of these products include the scoreboards, bleachers, and in-line flooring as well as in-line dasher boards.