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Spectator seating and stands have a significant influence on spectators’ comfort and their viewing experience. To maximize opportunities for use in a sports arena, the seating systems should be comfortable, functional, and flexible to allow for optimal adaptability.

Cascadia Sport Systems offers high-quality arena spectator seating solutions – from bleachers to luxury box seats. In addition to providing and installing seating systems, we also offer planning services to ensure optimal seating functionality.

We adapt our seating systems to our client’s specifications. We offer fixed as well as moveable seating systems with high-quality custom designs.

Types of Spectator Seating

Telescopic Seating

Telescopic seating, such as our installation in the South Okanagan Events Centre, has a wide range of benefits, including versatility and flexible seating configurations. This type of spectator seating is ideal for general environments, for example, gymnasiums, convention centres, school halls, and auditoriums.

telescopic seatingFixed Seating

Fixed seating requires more planning than other venue types since fixed seating is less flexible. Fixed spectator seating generally works best for stadiums, auditoriums, and lecture halls.

Portable Seating

Portable seating is the most flexible spectator seating option and typically works well as locker room or sideline chairs.

A Complete Seating Product Range

Cascadia Sport Systems offers upholstered, wooden, or plastic arena seating. Our clients can also choose from different material types and colours.

Our seating solutions can also be custom-made to any arrangement or arena seating plan. Clients can also choose from motorized or manual seats.

Durability and Safety

All our spectator seating systems are developed to withstand the harsh circumstances that are sometimes associated with sports arenas. All our products comply with relevant safety regulations relating to structural integrity and fire resistance.

Planning Seating Arrangements

Before installing seating systems, it is critical to complete the planning phase. When planning the seating installation, there are several considerations to keep in mind, including the intended use of the arena, the type of sport, and all relevant building codes and safety regulations.

Cascadia Sport Systems have extensive experience in planning, delivering, and installing all types of seating systems and in any location. As part of our services, we will inspect the arena and recommend a suitable seating arrangement to maximize functionality, comfort, and flexibility.

Repairs and Refurbishing

Sometimes, a repair project is a viable alternative to a complete seating replacement. Cascadia Sport Systems offers high-quality and affordable repairs and refurbishing solutions to restore existing seating systems in a sports arena.

Deciding on whether to repair existing spectator seats or to replace them completely can be challenging.

When you contact Cascadia Sport Systems, we will inspect the seating system’s condition and provide you with enough information about replacement and repair costs so that you can make an informed decision.

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In addition to high-quality spectator seating systems, Cascadia Sport Systems also offers dasher board systems, flooring systems, and specialty products, including scoreboards, basketball backstops, goals and nets, protective barrier netting, and portable staging.

If you want to learn more about spectator seating for a sports venue, contact Cascadia Sport Systems today.