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Accidents can happen in a fleeting moment. When a baseball, puck, or other object flies into the stands, it can potentially have dire consequences.

In 2017, a 105-mph (about 168 kmh) foul struck a toddler in the face. The blow broke her nose and orbital bones, and it caused bleeding in her brain. In 2010, a 39-year old mother was fatally injured at a minor league game in Texas.

The problem is that these accidents happen fairly regularly. According to a Bloomberg News investigation, an average of 1,750 fans attending sports events is injured per year.

Simple Solution

The good news is that there is a simple and cost-effective solution to prevent a large percentage of these injuries. Protective netting is an effective way to prevent flying objects from injuring spectators, other players, and coaches.

Outdoor sports applications for protective netting include golf driving ranges, practice nets, baseball batting cages, and tennis courts. Protective netting is not only a safety requirement for outdoor sports fields, however, but also indoor arenas.

Common Netting Types

The three most common netting materials are polyester, polyethylene, and nylon. Poly netting is a more suitable solution for lighter applications like youth baseball, where nylon netting is considered to be the most durable and long-lasting netting on the market.

One advantage of polyethylene netting is that it is much easier to see through than other types. By installing this type of netting, spectators that like to sit next to the field receives optimal protection without having to forgo their view of the game.

Nylon netting is also UV-protected, long-lasting, and durable enough to keep the heaviest and fastest objects from travelling out of the field and into the stands.

Cascadia Sport Systems

At Cascadia Sport Systems, we specialize in furnishing sports venues with safety netting that is durable, effective, and expertly installed.

Customized Netting

We design and install custom safety netting for any setting. Netting requirements may differ from client to client. For example, netting for soccer fields may not be able to stop golf balls. We go to great lengths to provide you with a suitable protective netting solution that fits your budget.

We can cut your netting to any size, and we carry out our installation with columns to ensure that the netting hangs securely in place.

Other Products

At Cascadia Sport Systems, we offer a wide range of high-quality systems and products in addition to netting, including dasher board systems, spectator seating, and flooring. We also provide specialty products including scoreboards, basketball backstops, portable staging, and goal netting.

Contact Us Today

If you have no protective netting around your sports field or if your netting is lacking in quality or is poorly installed, you may soon have to deal with an injured fan.

At Cascadia Sport Systems, we go to great lengths to ensure complete customer satisfaction and long-term results. For high-quality netting, custom dasher board systems, or any other products for your sports facility, contact Cascadia Sport Systems today.