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Maximizing Space with Retractable Seating

The seating arrangement and type of seats used are crucial to the enjoyment of sporting events and, most importantly, to the safety of people attending. Let’s look at telescopic bleachers and what they are all about.

What are Telescopic Bleachers?

Telescoping bleachers are a type of stadium seating made up of separate pieces that can be moved to create a variable amount of seating depending on need. When not in use, these types of seats fold into a single row.

The benefit of this is that this seating option allows room for people on the court or field when no one is there to watch. It also creates space around a court or field if people need to move through while a practice is happening.

In other quarters, you will find that telescopic bleachers are also referred to as retractable seating, but the description of retractable seats does not fit perfectly into the context of telescopic bleachers.

The reason for this is that ‘retractable seating’ is a broad term that refers to several types of seats that can be removed from an area when not in use.

This term does not narrow down to the specifics of telescopic bleachers, which are seats that can be folded into a single row when not in use.

What is Bleacher Seating?

Bleacher seating is a term that describes the most common form of sports arena seating. These are rows of benches raised above each other in a sequential manner that allows the person on the bench above to sit down or stand without interfering with the person seated below them.

For bleacher seating systems, there is a stairway that allows access to each row. Usually, such a stairway will run from top to bottom between the rows or at the ends of the rows. This helps to segment the stadium arena into sections.

Benefits of Telescopic Bleacher Systems

  • Portable – Telescopic bleacher systems are portable, meaning you can easily move them to another area where they are needed most for a particular activity.
  • Uses minimal space – Most telescopic bleacher systems comprise of foldable seats, which helps save on space when they aren’t in use.
  • Saves on cost – Compared to the construction of permanent seating for people at a multipurpose arena, the use of telescopic bleacher systems is less expensive. This is because there is no need to limit the arena to just one sport—portable telescopic bleachers allow the arena to be used for other purposes.
  • Safety Telescopic bleacher systems are a safer option for arena seating compared to chairs.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty easy to get started with a telescopic bleacher system for your sporting arena. It does require the involvement of experts who will help to determine what your specific needs are.

At Cascadia Sport Systems, we pride ourselves on the installation of safe telescopic bleacher systems for diverse needs and sports arenas. Contact us today for an assessment. We look forward to hearing from you.