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ISO-Cushion - A stronger and more stable floating wood floor system.

Comprised of 7 layers, the ISO-Cushion is our most popular bio-mechanically designed floating wood floor system.

Taking into consideration the performance requirements of athletes of all ages and sizes, we are able to fine tune the shock absorption as required.

As a result of combining a thicker maple surface, dual layer subfloor, and resilient ISO-cushion pads, this floor can be perfectly fine tuned for the performance levels targeted for particular activities.

This system provides excellent non-athletic load bearing capabilities with a continuous subfloor that adds strength and load stability throughout the floor.

System Features
  • Excellent performance
  • Northern Hard Maple
  • A variety of pad options
  • Continuous solid subfloor
  • Floating system to allow for expansion
Rubber ISO-Cushion Pad Features
  • Rounded point of contact
  • Two-stage resilience, responsive to light and heavy loads
  • DIN tested shock absorption
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Finish – MFMA floor finished (several choices)
Gameline Paint compatible with finish
Sealer – MFMA approved floor sealer (several choices)
Flooring 25/32″x2.25″ or 1.5″ random length Northern Hard Strip Maple available in 1st grade, 2nd & better or 3rd to CLA grading standards
Subfloor – 2 layers of nominal 1/2″ x 48″ x 96″ (12mm x 1219mm x 2438mm) exterior grade Fir plywood
Two-stage natural rubber ISO-Cushion resilient pad
Vapor Barrier – 6 mil polyethylene